The Bridges Ride for Autisum is proud to support the Bike to the Beach NY Century


Beginnings of the Bridges Ride For Autism

Although our first Bridges Ride For Autism was Sunday July 17, 2011 the birth of this event started years ago. Members of our original group have participated in many fundraisers for worthwhile causes. We have pedaled in 100's of benefits to support various charities. After traveling 1000’s of miles for these challenges, creating a ride of our own was a natural next steps.

Most of the Bridges Ride For Autism group are involved with education and know of people or have family members with Autism. We know resources and materials for special education children are not adequate for their challenges. Over the years finding support for the Autistic child has become our mission. We will not stop until every family with an Autistic member is getting the services they deserve. We will find a cure!

Our other passion is riding bikes around the tri-state area but especially in the greatest city in the world- New York City. In around NYC are some of the greatest bridges in the world with breathtaking views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.  At the foot of these bridges you will experience diverse cultures rich in history! 

As a biker having the wind at your back is the greatest sensation, but the friends you make along the way are the ultimate joys. The Bridges Ride For Autism began with friends Joe, Jon, John, Joe, Dennis, Bob and Francesca riding for fun and health. We are grateful for our companionship and hope you will join us and embrace our beliefs, determination and excitement.

The Bridges Ride For Autism will give you the opportunity to “give back” to a cause that needs so much more than we can donate...all while pedaling your bike! Enjoy the ride knowing the Autistic community is cheering you on for your efforts!

Thank you!